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E³: Educating for Entrepreneurship in Europe

Recently entrepreneurship became one of eight capacities the long-life learning activities of the EU will have to focus on. Against this backdrop E³ established a partnership dealing with experiences in different European countries and different Grundtvig target groups.
To determine European dimensions of entrepreneurship and its teaching, it is necessary to learn about the different concepts, practices and culture-specific valuations of entrepreneurship throughout Europe and about the different didactical methodologies, especially the breakdown of entrepreneurship into a set of competences and the respective learning targets.
Thus the partnership developed and keeps up to date a repository for each participating country regarding

  • the definition and image of entrepreneurship,
  • how entrepreneurial education is structured,
  • the attitude towards entrepreneurship, and
  • how entrepreneurship is stimulated.

The repository also contains general information about European studies and projects concerning entrepreneurship. On this analytical basis the partners want to use the results for the improvement of their own teaching and to disseminate these results on a general level in order to increase awareness of the need for specific training methodologies in spite of the common European aspects of entrepreneurship.

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